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Primer for Clinical Practitioners

A new Primer for Clinical Practitioners is available on the Internet from IACFS/ME.  This is the blurb from the organization announcing the release.  It is meant for Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals.  You can download a copy for yourself and perhaps can print one out to give to your Doctor.

Highlights of the Primer include:

    * A summary of the pathophysiological effects of ME/CFS to date

    * A user-friendly diagnostic worksheet utilizing the Canadian Consensus Criteria

    * Straightforward treatment suggestions covering an array of ME/CFS symptoms

    * Emphasis on post-exertional malaise and activity management

    * Sections on special populations/ problems (e.g. severely affected, pediatric ME/CFS, pregnancy)

The full Primer document is available on the IACFS/ME website (Link to Primer) in a printer-friendly format with a requested donation of $15 to help continue the work of IACFS/ME.
Announcements and News of Interest
OFSG Protocol now available

We are pleased to provide a new Protocol for Fibromyalgia written by our own Armanda D'Angelo, a nutritionist.  She lists several supplements and suggested dosages which have proven useful for managing Fibromyalgia.
Legal info from past meeting's speakers

We have the handouts from the meeting with the lawyers available for download in PDF format
- Disability Tax Credit Handout
- Navigating A Successful LTD Claim
- What to do if LTD claim is denied
- The Canada Pension Plan
see "Links" page for these helpful handouts
5 Ways To Control Fibromyalgia With Diet

New article added from with useful suggestions on controlling symptoms by changing your diet